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2827-A Rubber Spacer

This spacer is used with our Back Pack® guides to help provide a quieter operation. The No.2826 (1/8") spacer is inserted between the single carrier and its attached Back Pack® Guide.  The no. 2827 (7/16") spacer is inserted on the other side of the Back Pack® Guide as well as between the master carrier and the adjoining single carrier.

This spacer is also used with Nos. 2849, 2850, 2851, and 2852 carriers to help prevent wheel lock which may occur if the neoprene tires are allowed to contact each other during operation. No. 2827-A is used with Model 283-N and Model 283-R tracks and has a 5/8" hole for use with the larger Model 2830 operating cord.

Weight:  10 - 1 oz.



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